Bill C-31 Resources

September 7, 2012

List of Resources on Bill C-31

Bill C-31 received Royal Assent on June 28, 2012. Below you will find background information relevant to this new law.

September 7th 2012Report on Legal Aid Support for Refugee Claimants via the Refugee Forum at uOttawa (Peter Showler, University of Ottawa)

April 18th 2012New Refugee Bill Will Not Give Refugees a Fair Chance to Tell Their Stories (Peter Showler, University of Ottawa)

April 18th 201212-Month Mandatory Detention under Bill C-31 Said to Harm Asylum Seekers, Permanent Residents, and Canadian Taxpayers (Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and Sarah Grynpas)

April 18th 2012Bill C-31 and Safe Countries of Origin? (Gloria Nafziger, Amnesty International)

April 18th 2012New Refugee Bill Will Separate Families | French (Colleen French, Canadian Council for Refugees)

April 18th 2012New Immigration Bill Puts Permanent Residents At Risk | Chinese | Creole (Audrey Macklin, University of Toronto)

March 22nd 2012Bill C-31: The Minister says one thing; his Bill says another (CARL Press Release)

March 3rd 2012Changes to Investigative Detention in Bill C-31 (Douglas Cannon, Elgin, Cannon & Associates)

March 2012Speaking Notes for RLG Conference: Twelve Labours (Lesley Stalker, Lawyer)

March 2012The World According to Kenney: Bill C-31 and Designated Countries of Origin (Warren Puddicombe, Elgin, Cannon & Associates)

March 2012Legislative and Regulatory Reforms to the Refugee Hearing Process under the Balanced Refugee Reform Act and the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act (Laura Best, Embarkation Law Group)

March 2012Compilation of proposed changes in IRPA and BRRA at first reading of C-31 (Peter Edelmann, Edelmann & Company)

February 28th 2012: It's wrong to shut door on European refugees (Catherine Dauvergne, Vancouver Sun)

February 28th 2012Unpacking the latest refugee reform bill: Critics blast government 'hypocrisy' and claim bill complicates process for gay asylum seekers (Dale Smith,

February 28th 2012Bill C-31: A big new refugee bill but the same old debate (Peter Showler,

February 22th 2012Ottawa's bogus refugee bill (Audrey Macklin and Lorne Waldman,

February 17th 2012New Legislation targets Canadian Permanent Residents: Minister assumes new powers to revoke status (CARL Press Release)

February 16th 2012CARL Responds to New Refugee Legislation, Bill C-31 (CARL Press Release)