The Canadian Association of Refugees Lawyers (CARL) is pleased to announce the release of its 2021 Report on Climate Migrants. In this report, we propose several options for Canadian policy makers to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate migration.  

CARL argues in this report that Canada must develop a thoughtful and proactive response to climate-induced displacement which fulfills its international obligations. We propose several options in our report.  

Founded in 2011, CARL serves as an informed national voice on refugee law and the human rights of refugees and forced migrants and promotes just and consistent practices in the treatment of refugees in Canada. CARL carries out its work promoting the human rights of refugees in the courts, before parliamentary committees, in the media, among its membership via bi-annual conferences, and elsewhere in the public sphere. CARL’s membership includes over 350 lawyers, academics and law students from across Canada. Relying on the broad experience of this membership, CARL has a mandate to research, litigate and advocate on refugee rights, forced migrants and related issues.    

CARL recognizes that climate change is a major contributor to forced migration.   

You may access CARL’s 2021 Report on Climate Migrants here.

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